Group Theory in Cryptography

Kel Zin and Alissa | Learn2Learn Workshops

This video goes through the different mathematical theories and some of their applications within the field of cryptography.

Web Security

Junhua | Orbital Mission Control


Nigel and Debbie | Learn2Learn Workshops

Steganography is the art of hiding things in plain sight, in places where people do not think to look! In this video, we go through how LSB-Steganography works along with some technical considerations as to the differences between theory and practice when trying to break a steganographic-ly modified image!

V8 Exploitation

Chenglong and Guoquan | Learn2Learn Workshops

This video goes through the steps to learn about exploiting the Javascript V8 engine.

Introduction to Return Oriented Programming

Daniel and David | Learn2Learn Workshops

In this video, we learn the basics of return-oriented programming.

Modern Shellcode

Akash and Arun | Learn2Learn Workshops

Strategies of writing shellcode.

Memory Forensics for Noobs by Noobs

Jonathan Lee and Jonathan Lee | Learn2Learn Workshops

How to approach memory forensics questions with Volatility.