Talk 1: 1900Hrs - 1945Hrs

Talk Title: EDGe PS (Enterprise Data Platforms, GIS and Engineering & Production Services)


We will cover below horizontal programs that support Cybersecurity organizations. Please note that we are a supporting function to GIS. So our focus is more on how we enable our GIS partners to do their job.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Vulnerability
  • Risk Management.
  • Data Center Resiliency
  • Infrastructure Engagement, Services & Infrastructure Delivery
  • GIS Application and Infrastructure production services


Uma Telidevara

  • Senior Vice President; APAC Enterprise Data and GIS Production Operations - regional Lead
  • Roles & Responsibility: Uma Rao is responsible for APAC Enterprise Data and GIS Production Operations which provides 24x7 coverage to deliver consistent operational support services to provide timely incident detection and speedy service restoral to improve systems stability
  • Prior Experience: Prior to joining Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Uma Rao worked for Barclays Capital, Singapore and ran the Level 2 Midrange and Distributed functions.

Talk 2: 1945Hrs - 2030Hrs

Talk Title: Hosting Services/Cloud


The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to hosting, cloud and database enterprise architecture
  • Defence in Depth
  • Governance and control routines
  • Cyber response - infrastructure


Taryar Win Chan

  • Vice President; Senior Technology Manager
  • Background: Taryar is a Computer Engineering graduate from Nanyang Technology University and currently pursuing a Master degree at the Harvard Extension School. He started his career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Singapore in 2008 and has taken up different responsibilities, including a three assignment at the BofA office in New York. Presently, he is responsible for capacity planning and management, compute build and transition, and Risk liaison for APAC Hosting services team.