Talk 1: 1900Hrs - 1945Hrs

Title: Introduction to System Defence as discipline

Speaker Bio

Kalai is an engineering graduate and Masters in Business Administration with 18 years of work experience. She worked as a software developer before transitioning to Cyber Security and is SME for Application Monitoring and Response function in APAC.

Talk 2: 1945Hrs - 2030Hrs

Title: Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) in the Software Development Lifecycle – Why it is important to have VAPT programs

Speaker Bio

Ayush is a Computer Science graduate and has 12 years of work experience. He has multiple certifications in Cyber Security and is an SME for Malware Analysis function in APAC.

Harris Ramli is a seasoned penetration tester with 15 years of work experience. He is specialized in web and mobile penetration testing and holds multiple cyber security certifications.