Talk: 1900Hrs - 2030Hrs

Talk Title: Cyber threat intelligence: Winning the war on cybercrime

In this session, Lionel Bruchez from the UBS AG Chief Information Security Office will introduce the latest cybercrime trends and how threat intelligence enables the organization to remain ahead of the game.

Beyond traditional cyber defence, Lionel will also pave the way towards leveraging cyber intelligence to proactively identify market landscape, risks and investment opportunities to support firms’ revenue generation and growth opportunities.


Lionel Bruchez is the COO of the UBS Intelligence Center and deputy APAC Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). In his roles, Lionel focuses on generating a business context for cyber defence activities and providing strategic and tactical awareness to key decision-makers across the firm. Lionel currently oversees the development of the UBS CISO Market Insights and Business Advisory service with a key focus on leveraging cybersecurity to enable a competitive advantage for organizations and institutions. Lionel comes from an academic background in ETH Zürich and EPF Lausanne, where he specialized in Quantum Cryptography, probabilistic machine learning, and research on next-generation Internet architectures.