Talk: 7:00pm-8:30pm

The presentation will introduce what a Security Operations Center (SOC) is, its typical mission and responsibilities, and the different roles that make up a SOC. The speakers will talk about the various components of a SOC and how they help one another effectively detect security threats.

They will also discuss security incidents and how we respond to them. Finally, they will conclude the presentation with a show and tell how they can acquire an infected or compromised machine and what forensic artifacts they can uncover for our investigations.


Dr. Choo Fai Cheong is a senior manager at UKG. He is a founding member of UKG’s APAC Security Operations Center, where he has helped build the UKG’s SOC in Singapore. Dr. Choo is responsible for the day-to-day security operations and leads the team on threat hunting, detection development, and incident response. Before joining UKG, he was a senior consultant at Mandiant, where he handled cyber security incidents and performed forensic analysis.

Ian Starr Esguerra is a Senior Security Analyst at UKG. He has recently joined UKG’s APAC Security Operations Center, where he is part of the team that ensures the company’s security by analyzing security events, conducting incident response and investigations. Before joining UKG, he was an Incident Response Analyst at Barclays, where he performed a similar role. He was also a Malware Analyst at different AntiVirus companies, where he did the analysis, detection, and reverse engineering of prevalent malware.