NUS Greyhats

We are an information security interest group based in the National University of Singapore.

  • We play CTFs and organize weekly meetups we call Security Wednesdays!
  • Do wander around our website to see what we do 馃憪

Simple ML models to predict CVSS scores

An simple exploration on predicting CVSS scores using CVE descriptions

January 14, 2022 路 7 min 路 Uxinnn

Introduction to Digital Forensics

A beginner's guide to Digital Forensics

January 7, 2022 路 11 min 路 erythr0

HTXIC CTF Reversing 101 Writeup

Writeup/Walkthrough to reversing a unwinnable tic-tac-toe CTF game

December 27, 2021 路 8 min 路 Chan Jian Hao

A (not so deep) Dive into Grafana CVE-2021-43798

Tired of log4shell? take some rest then

December 17, 2021 路 7 min 路 5p4d37

[X-MAS CTF 2021] Intensive Training

Basic Reverse engineering challenge from X-MAS CTF 2021

December 13, 2021 路 5 min 路 rootkid