Security Wednesdays

27th January 2016
(6.30-8.30pm) @ COM1-SR1

Vanessa Henderson (SourceClear)

SourceClear - Underlying Vulnerable Libraries: The Overlooked Security Risk

15th February 2016
(6.30-8.30pm) @ COM1-SR3

Nguyễn Anh Quỳnh

Building next generation security tools with Unicorn engine

9th March 2016
(6.30-8.30pm) @ COM1-SR10

Yeo Kheng Meng

Reflections on Trusting Trust

23rd March 2016
(6.30-8.30pm) @ COM1-Cerebro@SoC

Paul Craig

Local Privilege Escalation - From Zero to Hero

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Core Team

The brains behind NUS Greyhats. If you'd like to be part of the brains, send us an email.

Yeo Quan Yang

Computer Science undergraduate


Chua Zheng Leong

Computer Science postgraduate

Reads books written in assembly language.

Kaung Htet Aung

Computer Engineering undergraduate

Expert in procrastination.


Information Security undergraduate

The Potatosploiter, rider of narwhals, and pirate of the seven proxseas

Koh Jun Xiang

Computer Science undergraduate

Certified Peanut Hacker

Ang Ming Yi

Computer Science undergraduate

Enjoys creating and breaking stuff.

Er Xue Hui

Computer Science undergraduate


Nicholas Toh

Information Systems undergraduate

There's a flu bug going around, "Sniff Sniff"

Harish V

Computer Engineering undergraduate

Vriwzduh dqg Vhfxulwb Hqwkxvldvw.

Ang Ray Yan

Computer Science undergraduate

Flipping and dropping tables

Yi Yan

Computer Science undergraduate

Loves to eat.

Thng Kai Yuan

Computer Science undergraduate

I can crack your computer, after you hand me your password :)

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Tan Jun Hao

Research Assistant


Anselm Nicholas Foong

Computer Science undergraduate


Tan Rong Shun

Computer Science undergraduate

har? This one can eat or not

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